Hop on Popcorn Bar and Party Supply Giveaway

Monday, April 29, 2013

I coordinated a Dr. Seuss Carnival for our grade school read-a-thon last month and we had a HOP on POPcorn Bar as one of the booths.  It was a huge hit with the kids!
Hop on Popcorn Bar Seuss Carnival obSEUSSed Party
Above are a few of the treats we had spread out on the table.
We bought the popcorn from our local gourmet popcorn company. We selected orange and green apple to go along with the book cover (I was tempted by the cherry red and cotton candy turquoise colors which would also be Dr. Seuss style) then I grabbed a couple of bags of pre-popped butter yellow popcorn from our local grocery store to fill the yellow bin. We also had smaller containers, found at the dollar store, filled with pretzles, gold fish crackers, M&M candies and marshmallows.  I’ve also seen Teddy Graham crackers used that look like the Lorax Brown Barbaloots.
If you are doing a smaller party I would have made the popcorn myself at home. There are great recipes for Jello Popcorn that would make your popcorn colorful and tasty like the popcorn below.
I’ve seen some beautiful displays of the Hop on Popcorn bar done, like this one from Kristi at LollyJane.com, which inspired me, but I wanted bright colors and casual buckets for our carnival theme. The party below was for teenage girls and looked stunning.
Our fabulous PTA volunteers (thanks Kimmie & Karyn!) manned the booth and made this eye-catching sign (thanks Sara).  Make sure to have disposable gloves and serving utensils (we used measuring cups) and we chose to have the volunteers serve the food. If you have a smaller party it would be fun to let the kids serve themselves. It still gets messy so make sure to have a table cloth too.
I used my Silhouette cutting machine to make the vinyl letters on the yellow tub. You could always draw words on a container with a permanent marker.
I had wanted to get these cute chevron treat bags I had seen at party stores but the price was always more than I was willing to pay. They happened to be a daily deal on Pick Your Plum the month before this party so I snatched them up that day. They offer these bags often, as well as other fabulous party supplies, home d├ęcor, jewelry and more.
Hop on Popcorn Treat Bag obSEUSSed
I have recently become an affiliate for Pick Your Plum (you’ll notice their daily deals on my side bar) and they have offered to give one of my readers a $25 Plum Box full of swank crafting, fashion, baking, and home decor swag! I’m not sure of the exact contents but I know it is always something fantastic. Just check out their site to see some examples. Most items are under $10. Sign up for their alert emails to know what deal is up next.
Seuss Carnival11
Use the gadget below to enter to win a $25 Plum Box. Giveaway ends May 7, 12:00 midnight EST. U.S. valid addresses only. UPDATE: Midnight May 7. A winner has been selected and contacted by email. 
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If you need more ideas for a Dr. Seuss Party or Carnival, follow my Dr. Seuss Party Pinterest board.
This is where I’ve collected ideas that helped me plan this carnival.  I’ll be sharing more details about the carnival on obSEUSSed later this week.
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Simple Mother's Day Gift, Printable and Children's Books

Friday, April 26, 2013

My husband helped my kids decorate hot pads for myself and their grandmas for Mother’s Day last year.  If you’re looking for a quick and easy Mother’s Day gift idea, this craft is perfect. I love functional keepsakes. I use these hot pads almost every day and love to see them hanging in my kitchen.
Mothers Day Craft Hot Pads obSEUSSed
They traced their hands on one side. Make sure to add their age or the date.  Then he let the kids draw whatever they wanted on the other side. Notice my toddler’s perfect scribbles.
Mothers Day Craft Hot Pads 3 obSEUSSed
My son also decorated an oven mitt to match the set. 
They got all of these at the dollar store. The hot pads were 2 for $1.00. The mitt was $1.00.  These are such a simple and inexpensive gift I decided to help all the kids at church make these for their moms for Mother’s Day this year.  I searched for a poem to make a tag to go along with the gift.  I found an anonymous poem and made a free printable tag for you. You can save this, print it and use it for non-commercial use (personal use only).
Mothers Day Hand Quote Printable
We are helping 80 kids make these for their moms. Some moms will get more than one if they have multiple children. We bought plain red, country blue, sage green and beige. See the Dollar Tree store products if you plan to order in bulk. I have no affiliation with them, though it is the best place I’ve found to get them.
Mothers Day Craft Hot Pad Tag obSEUSSed
My Favorite Mother’s Day Children’s Books
(*Disclosure: I am an Amazon Affiliate and you may purchase these books through clicking the links or the picture of the book. I make a small percentage from the sales. I encourage you to try the books at your library first.)
Mother, Mother, I Want Another, by Maria Polushkin Robbins, is one of our favorites throughout the year. My husband introduced me to it when we had kids because he remembered his mom reading it to him.  It is a darling story about a mouse who likes to stall by asking for another drink, another toy and so on. Then at the end he asks for another hug.

Another favorite that I’ve have had for the past two years is My Mommy is a Blogger, by Sommer Poquette. I met Sommer at Evo’ (a conference for women in social media) a few years ago and was thrilled she had written a book that helps explain what I do for my kids.  My kids love the part that calls mommy a ‘booger.’ The story is silly yet still gets the point across. 

Here are a few other classic books about mothers that we love: (click the pics for more details)

Are you making any crafts or reading special books for Mother’s Day? I’d love to hear about your favorites in the comments below.

I am also a Google Affiliate: If you click or buy the links below, I recieve a small percentage.

Curious George Spring Special on PBS Earth Day

Monday, April 22, 2013

This Earth Day, Monday, April 22, PBS KIDS will air a new CURIOUS GEORGE special: CURIOUS GEORGE SWINGS INTO SPRING. (Check local listings for times. It will re-air Friday and is now available on DVD .)
SPRING_001 Curious George 13
Courtesy of ® & © 2013 Universal Studios and/or HMH. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. PBS KIDS ® Public Broadcasting Service.
PBS Kids sent us a screener kit with the movie and spring crafts to check out. We watched the movie as a family last weekend and the kids, including my 2-year-old, loved it.  The story takes off with Curious George having spring fever at the park, then he tries to get his dog friend Hundley to catch the fever but has a difficult time doing it. They explore canoe rides, country animals and more but it takes a hot air balloon to help Hundley catch spring fever.
The music is catchy and our favorite song was “We are the Wiener Dogs.” The movie has us excited for spring but we have to wait a few more weeks here in Utah. It is still snowing off and on.  In the mean time, we can do some fun crafts to get ready for spring.
Bird Feeder Soda Bottle Pinwheel Spring Crafts obSEUSSed
PBS sent us some pencils and this PINWHEEL TEMPLATE (you can print one too) so the kids could color and create their own pinwheels.
Pinwheel Pencil Spring Craft obSEUSSed
Here is one my son made:
Bird Feeder Soda Bottle Pinwheel obSEUSSed
PBS also sent us supplies to create a bird feeder. You can get instructions from PBS here: PLASTIC BOTTLE BIRD FEEDER
Bottle Bird Feeder from PBS
They actually only sent us the bird seed and chop sticks for this craft. We didn’t have a 2-liter bottle so we had to get one at the store this week. That wasn’t the problem with this craft. The instructions tell you to poke holes in the top of the bottle for the string and holes on the side for the chop stick and eating spouts.  It suggests parents use scissors or a sharp knife.  It wouldn’t work on our bottle. We had to get a utility knife out and finally got a little hole. My husband finally pushed through the crack with a screw driver to make a larger hole. It took us over 30 minutes to make the holes. The kids got impatient (so did I).
During the process my daughter told us something she learned at the Recycle plant field trip last week: The bottom of plastic bottles are so tough that they shouldn’t be kept for anything and need to be melted down for re-use.  My husband said a drill is really necessary for this craft (which doesn’t make it very child friendly). Sure enough, I looked online and found directions that suggested using a drill.
Bird Feeder Soda Bottle collage 6 obSEUSSed
On top of all this frustration, it was hard to feed string to go through the holes on top. We had to find a plastic cord to push all the way through the bottle and tie it at the bottle opening then pull back in.  We also misplaced our funnel so it was a major pain to fill the bird seen into the bottle. 
I normally enjoy crafting with my kids but this was a huge craft FAIL. Please don’t try making the bird feeder at home, unless you want to do it without your kids around.
We decorated the bottle with decorative Scotch tape (butterflies) and pink animal print Duck tape. That made it look nice enough to hang in the back yard. Now the kids are excited to see if any birds come.

PBS also has a recycling challenge with badges you can print out. Our kids are big on recycling at our house already so it was a good review.Try the Pinwheel for a fun, easy, spring craft. And watch the Curious George movie to bring on the Spring Fever! 
A new CURIOUS GEORGE online game will launch in late April. Featuring natural science concepts such as plant growth and butterfly metamorphosis, the game will give kids an opportunity to create their own music videos about spring.

How will you celebrate?

Disclosure: I was sent a screener of the movie with a spring craft kit for review purposes.

Dr. Seuss Cake by Sweet Pea Cakes

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I need to have a Dr. Seuss party just so I can order this cake.  I spotted this whimiscal, topsy turvy, style Dr. Seuss cake on Instagram and asked Susie if I could share it with all of you. She sent over the detailed photos and I am amazed by this masterpiece. I hope it will inspire you if you are looking for ideas to celebrate with a Dr. Seuss cake. If you live in her area (El Paso, Texas) you could ask her to make you your own custom cake. Contact Susie through Facebook.
dr_seuss_cake_full_sweet pea

I have seen quite a few Dr. Seuss cakes online and have a variety pinned on my Dr. Seuss Party and Cake Board, but this one is one of my favorites with all the details.
dr_seuss_cake_tier_sweet pea

Thing One Thing Two symbols on the Cat's Hat.
dr_seuss_cake_thingone_sweet pea
The Lorax with truffula trees. Green Eggs and Ham.
dr_seuss_cake_lorax_sweet pea

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish. All the classic characters are represented.
dr_seuss_cake_redfish_sweet pea

dr_seuss_cake_bluefish_sweet pea
dr_seuss_cake_twofish_sweet pea

If you have made a Dr. Seuss cake (or ordered one for your party) and would like to share it on obSEUSSed, add your link to the Dr. Seuss Link Collection by clicking the box below or leaving a comment with your link.
Follow my Dr. Seuss Cake board for more ideas.

*Disclosure: I recieve a small percentage from the Google Affiliate ads below. They have a variety of fun Dr. Seuss items that would be great for parties.


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