Dr. Seuss Baby Shower Party

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I’m excited to share this Dr. Seuss baby shower Deborah created for her granddaughter, who is due to be born on Dr. Seuss’ birthday, March 2.  Deborah contacted me to share her pictures to help inspire others looking for ideas to host a Dr. Seuss party.

Seuss Baby Shower10

How about this fabulous Dr. Seuss cake created by Amanda Grooms?
So many wonderful elements from Dr. Seuss books that she incorporated, including a real fish bowl.
Seuss Baby Shower12
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Deborah handmade this sign with a Dr. Seuss quote from Horton Hatches the Egg.

Seuss Baby Shower21

Deborah also handmade this colorful Dr. Seuss quilt (for another grand baby) using fabric by Robert Kaufman. Notice the detailed curved stitching including sewing the baby’s name into the quilt.
Seuss Baby Shower7

Dr. Seuss style gifts:
Baby clothes, fleece tied quilt, Six by Seuss book and more of the handmade quilt by grandma Deborah. I also love the idea of making a pillow case to store the quilt in.
Seuss Baby Shower13

Dr. Seuss Party Food ideas:
A popular food choice is deviled Green Eggs and Ham sandwiches.Seuss Baby Shower19
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Seuss Baby Shower14

Dr. Seuss food ideas:  The signs had these titles and a quote from the book.
  • Three Cheese Trees (One Fish Two Fish) cubed cheese
  • Brown Bar Ba Loots Truffula Fruits (The Lorax) Grapes
  • Gertrude McFuzzy Berries (Gertrude McFuzz)
  • Skipper Zips Chips (Oh Say Can You Say?)
  • Remarkable Foons Sizzling Hot Pebbles (If I Ran the Circus) Jalepeno Poppers
  • Noodle Eating Poodle Noodles (Fox in Socks) pasta salad
  • Yink Pink Ink Drink (Fox in Socks) Pink Lemonade
  • Brown and Blacks Snack (Hop on Pop, Eat a snack with Brown and Black) Peanut Butter sandwiches cut up
  • Valley of Vungs Chocolate Rocks (I had Trouble Getting to Solla Sollew) Chocolate covered nuts
  • Katroo Cake (Happy Birthday to You) The Cake
  • Yot in a Pot (There’s a Wocket in my Pocket) anything you want
  • Biggle Balls (Dr. Seuss’ Sleep Book) meatballs
  • Last Can of Who Hash (The Grinch Who Stole Christmas)
Dr. Seuss Party Decorations:
My favorite decorations are the Truffula trees she made with fluffy feathers (hair bows from Hobby Lobby) and long bamboo sticks and plants. She added stripes to the sticks and plants.
Seuss Baby Shower11

Seuss Baby Shower9

The handmade Dr. Seuss sign post is in place by the food at the party. The utensil table is set with a striped table cloth and the kitchen window is surrounded by Dr. Seuss cut out classroom wall décor you can find from teacher supply stores.
Seuss Baby Shower24

Dr. Seuss Table Decorations: She made signs for the food, and book covers in frames for the guest tables. Center pieces were the truffula trees and fish in a dish along with fun polka-dots scattered around.
Seuss Baby Shower17

Storytime Spot for kids: She had a reader that sat in the chair with a cat hat on and read Dr. Seuss stories to the kids at the shower!
Seuss Baby Shower23

Photo Booth Wall: Gather all your Dr. Seuss plush animals, several books and decorate a mantle. Then have decorated frames, a few cat hats, some boas and a silly sign for guests to hold for photo opportunities.
Seuss Baby Shower16

Guessing Game:
They filled a jar with Grinch Hearts (candy hearts) and let the guests guess how many were inside. Whoever was closest got to take the jar home as a prize. The answer: 120- won by a little girl named Audrey!
Seuss Baby Shower25

DIY MAGNET FAVORS: They also made all these magnets from Dr. Seuss stickers as a party favor for guests to take home.
Seuss Baby Shower8

I wish Deborah and her family a life full of joy, especially with the new arrival of her granddaughter. Thank you for sharing your party with us.

Some of these ideas were inspired by other parties Deborah has seen on the web. She pulled all this together along with her own creativity to create this party. It turned out amazing! I hope this gives you some good ideas if you want to host a Dr. Seuss themed party.
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Sharon said...

This is so cute!! I love everything you did!

Chris said...

Beautiful!!! I wish you had this shower before I had my son's party. Love the decorations.

Lisa {Smart Food and Fit} said...

This is so cute! I love the cake, so creative! I'm going to pin this and share it on FB with my fans! Have a great day! :)

Anonymous said...

All I can say to that is WOW! I can't even imagine how much time was put into that baby shower. Amazing!Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving your comment on my blog! I will be stopping back by for ideas I am sure!

mandah5185 said...

How did you make the magnets?

mandah5185 said...

How did you make the magnets?

Jenny Watson said...

Really very beautiful. It seems as the party would have been enjoyed to the max. Great ideas about the baby shower program as well as the organizing committee. They have deliberately organized a very good party.

Ashley Crickett said...

Looks like it has been an amazing party! I love every ideas you presented especially the food selection. These finger foods are simple to make and it doesn't require a caterer sydney to make them.

Anonymous said...

What did you use for game prizes?

Rosemary S. Fountain said...

Such a happy occasion and I am eagerly awaitng my sister's baby shower. I will order the specialty cake and try to make some delicious finger foods. This could be a sign of such neat things to come, thank you.

Alice Farrell said...

Very creative output! I think if Amanda will put up a bakeshop many people would visit her shop! Of course with the help of an expert on SEO for resto, surely a lot of people will be informed with her shop!

Baro Dyrøy said...

My wife and I are trying to get pregnant and I saw her look for baby shower items. She's just so excited. I just wanted you to know that these items are so cool. I'd definitely want these novelties to be in our future baby's party.

Carol Johnson said...

Wow! The party looks amazing especially when I saw it's a Dr. Seuss-inspired theme. I'm always a fan of him, I would love recreating and designing my room just as this one, given a chance. The overall look of the party just looks awesome.

Deborah G said...

Thanks! The magnets are the foam stickers found at Michael's Craft store and hot glued to a peel and stick magnet! This was a fun party for adults as well! Thanks for all the positive feed back!!

Anonymous said...

Hey! I was wonder how you got the fishbowl to not crush the cake.. Did you use dowels?. Im doing a similar cake for my daughter's third birthday except i plan on using a real fish! Just need to figure out how to assemble it without crushing the cake below from the weight. Thanks!

Summer Leonard said...

Looking at your shower party ideas makes me more excited with my own baby shower party. After buying baby stuff, we’ll immediately start planning our own baby shower.

honest company reviews said...

Pretty! This was an incredibly wonderful post. Thanks for providing these details.

Elizabeth J. Neal said...

Who is due to be born on Dr. Seuss’ birthday, March 2. Deborah contacted me to share her pictures to help inspire others looking for ideas to host a Dr. Seuss party. bestshowerheads

Unknown said...

Such a happy occasion and I am eagerly awaitng my sister's baby shower.Top Rated Baby Monitors

mackyton said...

Amazing post! Truly lovely ideas and will surely use few of them as preparing my sister’s baby shower at one of topmost local lofty spaces. Deviled green eggs and ham sandwiches are looking very delicious and will have them there too.

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