Green Eggs and Ham Activities and Free Printable

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Green Eggs and Ham, by Dr. Seuss, is a great book to explore for St. Patrick’s day. Here are a few ideas to help you explore this book.
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I created some free printable worksheets you can use with kids to help them with rhyming, cutting and matching. I also made some blank eggs so you can make up your own activity. Remember to print it on green paper to make your Green Eggs or you can have kids color the eggs green.


egg game green eggs and ham words
Download and print this Free PDF. This is for educational or home use only. Please do not repost. There are pages without the words too. Click the arrow in the upper right corner.

If you are unable to print it,  please email me at obseussed (at) live (dot) com for the PDF to be emailed to you.

You can also try writing rhyming words from the story on Easter eggs. Split them apart and scatter them in a basket then have kids match the top and bottom of each egg together.
I also made an after school snack tray Green Eggs style. See it here.

Here are some great activities and treats to go along with the Green Eggs and Ham book. See more details by clicking on the picture.

Katherine Maries Blog has a great round up of Green Eggs activities and snacks I wasn’t able to add her pictures to this link list but there are several great ideas and pics there.

There are more Green Eggs and Ham activities you can find in the obSEUSSed Link Collection.

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6 comments: said...

Your ideas are awesome - and perfect timing for St. Patrick's Day. Thanks for sharing. Saw you on TT&J. Great round up too!

Abbey D. said...

Hi there! Your blog is so cute and creative, very one of a kind!! I'm visiting from the SNAP link up and just wanted to say hi to you! I hope we can meet when we're there in just a few weeks! :) Happy and safe travels!

Anonymous said...

I am unable to print the green eggs and ham printable. Can you please email it to me at Thanks!

partykas said...

i'm unable to print and the love the activity!
If you could send it to me I would really appreciate it!!!

Unknown said...

I would love your green eggs and ham printable but I can't seem to download it! Could you please send it to me?

Texas Techie Teacher said...

This is cute. I just wish it didn't have capital letters because they are not proper nouns.

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