The Lorax and Cat in the Hat Pencil Cans {Craft}

Friday, February 24, 2012

My kids and I made these Lorax and Cat in the Hat pencil holders out of recycled cans to celebrate the upcoming birthday of Dr. Seuss and the new Lorax movie release on March 2.
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These are hands-on kid crafts that take 5-10 minutes to make.
Seuss Cans1
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How to:
Find orange and yellow felt then trace the shape of the Lorax in orange (or light brown) then cut out. Use yellow felt to cut out the mustache and eyebrows. Don’t worry about getting it perfect. Glue the pieces together and glue googly eyes on. I also used a permanent marker to add details.
Cut out scrapbook paper or cardstock to cover the can, then glue the Lorax on.
Seuss Cans2
I just used yellow pencils and drew zigzag lines around them with a black permanent marker.  We tried the turquoise fur glued to the top first. It looked great but it didn’t stick well. You could probably try hot glue but I wanted my kids to do this – so we ripped the fur off and I let them wad up wrapping tissue paper. They glued the balls of tissue paper to the top and they worked perfectly.  I also tried using it as a vase and it looked cute with flowers.
Seuss Cans
My inspiration (I combined these two ideas)
I love this felt Lorax by Maggie at Smashed Peas and Carrots. She also has a pattern and a game to go with it. I found this via Pinterest. I like her movie version of the Lorax. Mine above is more based off the book.
I also saw these great Truffula Tree Pencils at the Zakka Life by Jessica.
truffula tree craft pencil zakka life
This is the felt Lorax storyboard I made years ago.
We really needed these pencil holders for our homework table (these would look great in a classroom too). I can never find a pencil when I need one so both these cans will stay at our homework station.  My son loved coloring the stripes for the Cat in the Hat can.
How to:
Cut white card stock to cover the can. Draw stripes on with a pencil and tell your child which sections to color red. Then have them trace the lines with black marker. Glue the paper to cover the can.
Seuss Cans4
Now hold the paper to let the glue set for a few minutes. Trace a 1 inch circle around the can on the felt. Cut the felt out.  Add glue to the bottom of the can and add the felt to the can. This will be the hat brim (and make it soft to put on tables).
Seuss Cans5
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I hope you have fun trying out this quick DIY Dr. Seuss Craft!
felt_ Lorax_craft
With the movie coming out you can check out the two free apps from Universal Studios. Kids will love them. The Official Lorax App lets you hold the screen over your mouth to look like a mustache. The Lorax’s mouth moves when you talk.
The movement is pretty jumpy, even after we adjusted the microphone sensitivity, but my son doesn’t care (and hey, it’s FREE!). This is fun to use while reading the book, or just to talk to each other and pretend you’re the Lorax.

This video is only 5 seconds. See how it works. Get The Lorax Free App here. “I am the Lorax, I Speak for the Trees.”
The newer app is the Lorax Truffula Shuffula. It is similar to Bejeweled Blitz (which I love) but it is more kid friendly with great truffula graphics and fun sounds.  I’ve had it a few days and it has frozen up 3 times so far so I hope they fix the glitch, but otherwise a great FREE app.
Check out The Lorax Garden, game app for kids created by Oceanhouse Media. This game is only 99 cents and is another great one to play while you explore the story. Lorax Garden App
And I can’t wait for The Lorax movie to be released Friday, March 2. Click here to see a helpful review by a mom on Today’s Mama. She says there are five musical numbers in the movieSmile. The trailers look funny and have excellent graphics. I can’t wait to take my kids next week.Lorax_movie_poster
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Loni Edwards said...

I found your site via a link at Eric Van Raepenbusch's site
It's Suesstactular! :D Love all of the activities and the links to the Lorax apps. I will add a link to your blog on my website. Happy weekend!

saleygirl said...

These are great ideas that are simple enough to be fun for the kids. Thanks for sharing! Love your site!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your ideas, instructions, and the smashedpeasandcarrots link to templates. We made a Lorax shirt for my son (shortcut-hot glue yellow craft feathers to the felt for the mustache & eyebrows) and he made truffula tree pencils & can holder for the class & staff. For the principal we made the Cat in the Hat pencil holder and wrote, "Dr. _______ knows a lot about that!" It all came out great thanks to your help.

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