DIY Lego Storage Container

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

If you’ve ever stepped on a Lego you know the importance of having easy Lego storage for kids.  I made these large Lego mini figure head storage jars out of plastic snack containers. They are easy and inexpensive to create and you're kids will love them.
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  1. Find a large container similar to a Lego mini fig shape. Empty the food.
  2. Rip off label.  It leaves a sticky residue, you can’t paint over this well. I used detachol, soap and water to get it clean enough to paint. I recently saw some adhesive remover on the glue isle at Target you could try.
  3. I used Krylon Dual Paint + Primer, Sunshine Yellow. I spray painted the outside of each container and lid (2 coats). Then I used a clear gloss to help protect it (1 coat).
  4. I cut out vinyl using a silhouette machine using this method after finding a sample Lego face image online. These are simple enough shapes you could print a large face on paper and trace onto vinyl or onto the container and use sharpie markers to fill in the black. If you try the vinyl you’ll want a little black and white to complete the look. I also used vinyl to create a LEGO sticker on the back of the container to label it.
  5. The containers with food cost $5-$8 then I spent $8 on spray paint (1 yellow, 1 clear can). I was able to create 3 containers for under $25 (and got to eat the food).

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 I think the Red Vines container looks the best.  I also liked the taller rounded shape of the Cheese Balls container too so I tried both. Look around for other containers at your local bulk food store or bulk food isle in the grocery store.  I really can’t stand cheese balls so we threw them away. We easily ate the Red Vines though so you may as well buy something you’ll eat so you don’t waste the food.

I love how they look in my son’s room. All three heads on his Lego style shelves. He can easily pull them out and find the Legos he needs then put them back away by himself.
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 You may remember these baby food jars I turned into Lego party favor jars a few years ago.  See how I made them here.  One of my readers Mama Max made these jars and tried a larger pistachio plastic jar. She inspired me to make these larger jars so see her tips here.
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 Here is my son with his 3 Lego storage heads.
Crochet Lego Blanket
His aunt made him this crochet Lego style blanket for his birthday last year and he sleeps with it every night. She lined the back with fleece. If you look closely you can see 6 bumps on each block that pop up to look like Lego bricks. I’m not positive where she got the pattern.

 We love all things Lego. See my LEGO Pinterest board for more inspiration.
If you don’t want to hassle with the mess and time to search for containers and paint them you can always buy them from the official LEGO. They have a head that sorts the bricks too. (disclosure *If you buy from these links I earn a very small percentage from the sale.)

Have fun and go play Legos with your kids today.

This post is not sponsored by or affiliated with the official LEGO. It is inspired by Lego because we build them every day at our house.


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