Hop on Popcorn Free Printable Sight Word Game

Monday, January 27, 2014

Hop on Pop is a classic Dr. Seuss book containing a variety of sight words perfect for beginning readers.  I created this Hop on Popcorn sight word game using the words from the book. I drew the popcorn outline and scanned it into my computer to add all the words.
 Hop On Popcorn Sight Word Game oSEUSSed p

  • Print out the words on white or colored paper.
  • Cut around the popcorn with curved or straight lines to make flash card style.
  • Use all 90 pieces for a large group or class, or select fewer pieces for a smaller group.
  • Fold up the popcorn pieces in half and put in a bowl or popcorn container (I found mine 2 for $1 at our local Dollar Tree store).
  • Have the players sit in a circle. Pass the bowl around with players taking turns pulling out a piece of popcorn. Have the child read the word aloud. If they get it correct they keep the piece. If they struggle with it, help them then have them put it back in and shake the bowl. The next player repeats the action. 
  • I’ve seen another version where they have to start over if they draw the word POP. You could add several more POP words using the page of empty popcorn on the printable. Some children may get to upset with this rule so you decide if you want to try it or not.
  • Have players show their words to the group so they all get extra practice seeing and reading the word. I’ve played this with just 2 players (myself and my child) and it is still great to show them the word I drew and sound it out.
  • We like to have real popcorn as a snack as we play this.
There are 90 popcorn words on six pages. I created one extra page with blank popcorn so you can add your own words.
This printable is free for home or school educational purposes.
Click here for the Hop on Popcorn printable PDF.
Please let me know if you have a hard time viewing or printing the PDF and I can email you a copy. I’m not sure how accessible Drop Box is for everyone. Leave a comment below if you need help.
UPDATE: All my printables are hosted on Wordpress now. Click here to see the new PDF.
You can see all the words here:

I left out a few words like Constantinople and Timbuktu but the most common words are represented.
I hope you like the game. Share it with others and have fun popping corn!
If you liked this, also check out our Hop on Popcorn Bar snack table at our School Dr. Seuss Carnival:
Hop on Popcorn Bar Seuss Carnival obSEUSSed Party


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