Justin Bieber Reads The Cat in the Hat

Monday, February 28, 2011

To celebrate Dr. Seuss' birthday (March 2) check out this video at home with your kids or at school in the classroom. 'The Cat in the Hat" by Dr. Seuss. Reading by Justin Bieber for the BookIt Program.

I have young children so I am really not up on the Justin Bieber scene, but I do know he sings, has almost 8 Million followers on Twitter, has a trendy hair style and is supposedly THE thing right now.  He may appeal to tweens and teens but my kids really don't know or care who he is.  He could have used a little more coaching as far as using more voice inflection while reading. It might be best for him to stick to singing but he was kind to attach his name to the program and get a lot of viewers to help the BookIt Program raise funds for charity.

The moving illustrations helped make it tolerable to watch. I think I'll test screen it with my kids and see what they think but I'm not sure they'll last through 8.5 minutes of listening to Bieber's voice. I do have to say, as a parent and Dr. Seuss fan, I think I read this book aloud so much better.  Pull it out and read it with your kids this week, then have them watch the original movie by Dr. Seuss on DVD.

Stop by to check out the The BookIt National Reading Incentive Program. I remember the BookIt Program growing up. We would read books at school, track them on a form and redeem it for a personal pizza from Pizza Hut. They are still doing that today. Such a great program for schools if you have it in your area.


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