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Monday, June 25, 2012

I’m so excited to recycle our children’s books by hosting a neighborhood book exchange.

book exchange bubble

Sort Books
When your books are over flowing it is time to sort through them and make a stack of ones you don’t read as often or ones your kids have out grown that you don’t plan to hold onto. I had two boxes full.  I didn’t want to donate them to our local thrift store because I’ve seen them throw books away if they haven’t sold within two weeks. It breaks my heart to see that. We have also donated books to Reading Tree, a non-profit who recycles books by donating those in good condition to children in need or properly recycling books in poor condition. They have big blue bins located in several shopping centers in Utah.

Find a Location
I noticed an empty cupboard in our church basement a few months ago. That space was going to waste. I thought it would be an excellent place to host a neighborhood book exchange so I asked our leaders and got permission to use the space.  I took my extra books over last week and started spreading the word for other moms to do the same if they have extra books they want to trade.  A few months ago I thought about putting a cupboard on my front porch to host the books.  You could also make a small covered house like a bird house and host a Little Free Library like this in your own yard.

Little Free Library books

Trade Books
I made a sign that says Take a Book, Leave a Book (pick your first book free).
A few people have already started trading.  I’m excited to see these books find a new home and get used instead of sitting there or being discarded.  Books need to be loved and kids love to see new books they aren’t familiar with. It’s a win/win situation.

I’d love to see your ideas if you have tried something like this in your neighborhood.
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Whitney said...

I love this idea!! Hmmm, where could I do this...I'm gonna have to think about that. Fun fun!

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