Happy Meal Chef Headed to London Olympics

Friday, July 20, 2012

My daughter Elayna is a McDonald's Happy Meal Chef for the next few months. Read more about that hereShe won a trip to the London Olympics and the chance to participate in a global Champions of Food cooking challenge. She will also go to McDonald's headquarters in October to cook with McDonald's executive chef to help develop new ideas for the Happy Meal.

In preparation for the Olympics we have been watching the news and reading magazines and books from the library.  I have also been busy pinning Olympic craft ideas on Pinterest and have found some excellent ideas. I like the free printables and have printed a few to take with us on our trip.

Below are some of the other finalists for the #happymealchefs experience. Elayna and Sarah R. are the grand prize winners who are official Happy Meal Chefs and will be part of the cooking challenge. You can see their  contest videos by clicking on the image below.

My daughter and husband will take part in the McDonald's Happy Meal Chef Champion's of Food cooking contest in London just before the Olympics start.  They were asked to develop a new recipe they would like to possibly see in a McDonald's Happy Meal. Other contestants are coming from Germany, Japan and Brazil.  They are excited to be involved in the process of helping the Happy Meals become healthier.
This image is the McDonald's Olympic Menu. Notice they have fruit bags and carrot sticks with the happy meals.  I hope they offer those in the states soon.

I thought this infographic was interesting too.

I will be going with them to London and we will be taking turns blogging about their experience.
They will be attending several Olympic events and meeting some of the athletes.
We'll be cheering for Team USA!!!


Learning with Mrs. Parker said...

Congrats! What a wonderful experience.

Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

That is beyond cool. Congratulations!

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