Tea Party in London Inspired by Matilda by Roald Dahl

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My daughter just finished the book Matilda, by Roald Dahl.  She received a copy of the book while she was in London during her Happy Meal Chef apprentice experience with McDonald's.  They took her to The Stupendous Afternoon Tea served at the Radisson Blu Edwardian Mercer Street Hotel in London.

The Matilda musical is currently playing in London (right next door to the hotel) so the hotel created a scrumptious tea service inspired by the story.
Just listen to a portion of the menu:  Ludicrously Lovely Lemon Loaf Cake, Tremendously Terrific Trifle and Fantastic Fondue.

Don't worry, Miss Trunchbull won't make anyone eat an entire chocolate cake like she did in the story.  My daughter had a lovely time at the tea. 

My daughter Elayna and friend Sarah enjoying the tea treats. Both are Happy Meal Chefs for McDonald's.

We've had the Matilda movie on our shelf for years but our daughter started watching it a few years ago and it scared her too much. She is older now (age 9) and really loved the book, especially the surprise ending. Now she is ready to pull the movie out again.

You could try making your own treats at home to go along with this story.  Try making up your own amazing alliteration on the menu to make it even more fun.


Unknown said...

I've heard various stories about grandiose tea parties and London and I guess, those people were right! These look lovely. I hope they have these in the 3 star hotels in London so that I can see it for myself! Thanks a lot!

Unknown said...

Well, they certainly have one in a victoria station hotel in London. It was lavish and sophisticated. Very nice!

Desiree Orleans said...

I plan to stay in hyde park hotel london and a lot of my colleagues mentioned that the high tea is to die for. I'm a passionate lover of cookies and tea so I don't need much convincing.

Unknown said...

I always invite my friends for tea party and uses famille vert porcelains! This hotel seems good; I might suggest this to my friends for a cup of tea.

Unknown said...

My kid loves tea party. When we stopped by discount furniture los angeles, we saw a mini tea set. When my daughter saw it, he was mesmerized and asked me to buy her one.

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