Baby Photos Turned into Flipbook Keepsake

Thursday, May 22, 2014

My kids are getting older but I’ve been going through their baby photos lately and just completed a memorable photo keepsake for them.

j baby weeks cover or first

We took weekly photos of all three of our babies during their first year. We tried to do it on the same background with the same stuffed animal to compare for size.

We started this tradition 10 years ago with my daughter.  My husband mentioned, “Wouldn’t it be cool if we could turn these pictures into a flipbook so we can see them all together?”  Back then, we had just started using our first digital camera and didn’t know of any resources to create a flipbook so it never happened.

What is a flipbook?
Remember those things from years ago that you flip through still photos that make it look like a cartoon moving picture? Kids and grown-ups love to flip it over and over.
Look how cute this flipbook is?

A few months ago, I saw a flipbook video on Instagram by @videotoflipbook and I immediately contacted them to see if they could help me turn my baby photos into a flip book. They normally take 15 second videos from Instagram and turn them into these fun flip books. Check out their IG feed for examples.

Since they normally turn a video into a flipbook, they sent me a special link to upload up to 60 still pics per project.  I uploaded them and they did the rest of the work creating a book.  It has a glossy print front and back cover (they can design that for you) and a little dust jacket holder, perfect for storage. It is about 2 inches tall by 3.5 inches wide. The inside photos are printed on a thinner copy paper which is easier to flip. It is all attached using a huge staple.  It came from Canada so it took about 1 week.

They gave me a discount on my books and free shipping to try them out and share my videos.  Right now their books are only $9.95 and free shipping until June 15, 2014. Such a great deal!  You can turn any short video into a flip book.

I’m already thinking these would be perfect for my son’s Lego stop-motion videos.

Our kids have loved flipping through them.  My three-year-old can even do it by himself. They are the perfect way to preserve our traditional weekly baby photos.  See our other two kids below.

My daughter had to have Dr. Seuss’ Cat in the Hat as her side toy.

I purposely did my last son's in black and white because his background was very plain and I think it makes it more consistent to watch then I added a few pops of color.

  Contact VideoToFlipbook for more information if you’d like to create your own flipbook.


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