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Thursday, November 13, 2014

I remember back in the day (12 years ago) I was surfing eBay trying to find any vintage Dr. Seuss items to decorate my baby’s nursery.  Dr. Seuss d├ęcor, toys and office supplies were very rare to find.  Then the live-action Cat in the Hat movie came out in 2003 and Dr. Seuss started popping up everywhere. 

One of my favorite places to shop online for Dr. Seuss merchandise is RaymondGeddes.com.  I love that they sell items in bulk (perfect for stocking stuffers, party favor or school prizes) making most items less than a dollar each.  Stock up now for Christmas or Dr. Seuss celebrations in the spring. (Click here to see all of their Dr. Seuss products.)
Current deal (Nov. 2014) Free Shipping On Orders > $79! Use Promo Code: 14FS79 Or use code: SAVE10A to save 10% off your order.

I’ve purchased  Dr. Seuss items from Raymond Geddes for our school carnival prizes before.  They recently sent me a few of their new items to review.  It was so fun to see products I haven’t seen before.  Our very favorite were the Thing 1 and Thing 2 Pop out pens. Here they are popping out of the Cat’s Hat pencil holder my daughter made.
IMG_0414 can
See instructions how to make this Dr. Seuss pencil can here.

These pens are a huge hit with my kids! Press the button and their heads pop off!  See the video of my son playing with them on Instagram. 

IMG_0407-001 pens
My kids keep these pens in their homework area and play with them when they take a break.  (Makes homework time fun!)

IMG_0411 pens head
We also have a washi tape (decorative tape) addiction at our house. I have my craft tape collection and my kids all have rolls of their own so you can imagine how excited they were to try these Dr. Seuss mini decorative tape rolls.  They’re already wrapping pencils and adding it to their pencil boxes.  This would be cute to seal envelopes or any variety of crafting.


Raymond Geddes also has Dr. Seuss elastic bookmarks.  I’ve never seen Dr. Seuss elastic like this.  I’d love to just buy yards of the fabric to make my own crafts.  I would have liked the bookmarks to be a little larger.  It was too tight to actually use on a Dr. Seuss book and pretty tight on my own chapter books.  They would be darling as headbands  but again, they were too tight. We did use the Horton band as a hair band on my niece’s pony tail and I think I’ll keep using it that way.  The elastic bookmarks are a great idea. These just need about 2 more inches added to work well.


These are my favorite finds at Raymond Geddes: (Click here to see all of their Dr. Seuss products.) Current deal (Nov. 2014) Free Shipping On Orders > $79! Use Promo Code: 14FS79
1. The Thing 1 &2 Pop Out pens
2. The Grinch pen
3. The mini Dr. Seuss decorative tape rolls
4. The elastic Dr. Seuss bookmarks
5. The fluffy Truffula Tree pens

I’ve ordered some prizes for our school Dr. Seuss carnival in the past and will again this next spring.  Here are my favorites to use at our Fishing Pond and egg hunt booths. These would be great classroom prizes or party favors too.
1. The Dr. Seuss book erasers (my daughter collects take-apart erasers so she snagged these to add to her collection).
2. Dr. Seuss mini highlighters. They are about 3 inches tall and super cute.
3. A variety of Dr. Seuss bookmarks to encourage kids to keep reading!
4. The mini double sided Dr. Seuss stampers. (Fit perfectly in our Green Eggs & Ham Egg Hunt. A little tricky to get the individual wrappers off).
5. The Dr. Seuss pencil grippers.
6. More Dr. Seuss style erasers.
*Disclosure: Raymond Geddes sent me a few of their new products to review.  I was not paid for this review.  I have purchased Dr. Seuss items from them previously and am impressed with their quality.
As an Amazon Affiliate I receive a small percentage of sales made from Amazon links. I am not a Raymond Geddes affiliate but some of their items are sold on Amazon so I'm sharing them below (my favorites are only available at the Raymond Geddes site).


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