Dr. Seuss Style Valentine Box

Monday, February 9, 2015

My kids and I love to make Valentine boxes for their school parties each year.
This Cat in the Hat box was a simple box my daughter made this weekend.

Kids can make most of this by themselves if they know how to cut and glue.  You may want to help mark where to cut so you have the right sizes, and cut the top hole out.

All you need is a few simple items you may have around your house already.
Supplies Needed & How To Make The Cat in the Hat Valentine Box:
  • 1 tall round oatmeal container. Found in your local grocery store. (Dump your oatmeal into a re-sealable plastic bag to save it so you can use the box.)
  • 3-4 pieces of white construction or copy paper. Glue full pieces around the box to cover the container. Also cut a circle wider than the bottom of the container to become the brim of the hat. Lay the white paper under the container and trace a circle about 2 inches around it.
  • 2 pieces of Red construction paper. Cut strips to glue around the hat as stripes. Cut a circle to cover the top and a heart to add your name and add a touch of Valentine’s.
  • Cut a rectangle out of the top to allow children to slip their Valentine cards inside (A parent should help with this because the box it tough to cut through.)
  • The plastic lid is easy to remove to obtain your valentine cards.

This would be a fun craft for kids to do at home or in the classroom.

A Variety of Uses:
  • You could display the hats in the middle of tables for a centerpiece at a party.
  • You could turn this into a piggie bank to let your kids save their money.
  • The hat would be great to store other small toys.
  • This hat could be a game if you secretly put something inside then had your child guess what was inside. (Kind of like this Dr. Seuss game.)
  • You could also use it for a costume hat if you poked holes in the bottom sides of the container and added string to tie under your chin.

We’re gearing up for Dr. Seuss’ Birthday in March so check back for more ideas we’ll be sharing on obSEUSSed.


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Such a cute idea!

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