9th Day of Christmas Books: Animal Christmas Books

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Celebrating The Twelve Days of Christmas Books

On the 9th day of Christmas Books, obSEUSSed gave to me
9 Animal Christmas Books
This is the bear we saw at Yellowstone this summer. We did not want to get any closer.  This poor bear will probably miss Christmas this year while he is hibernating. 

But the bear from Bear Stays Up (by Karma Wilson) won't miss out because his friends come up with all sorts of activities to keep him busy, in the end the friends fall asleep and Bear makes a surprise for them.
My kids love these books that tell of winter animals experiencing Christmas for the first time. It is a great time to explain hibernation.
Another favorite is Froggy. We love the entire Froggy book series by Jonathan London. Froggy's Best Christmas is about he and his friends that normally miss Christmas but they get to have fun experiencing the festivities all together for the first time.
The Mitten, by Jan Brett, has amazing illustrations. ACTIVITY: You can go to Barnes & Nobel online right now for Storytime where you can hear Jan Brett read this book to your kids.

This next book is a favorite from my childhood.  We all love the Little Critter book series by Mercer Mayer. Merry Christmas Mom and Dad is a classic Little Critter tale where he tries to help his parents for Christmas, but always seems to mess up.  I had this on cassette tape when I was a child and still have it but need to find a cassette player so I can play it for my kids. It is a darling story.
This is a funny book that is part of the Moostache series by Margie Palatini.  This is Mooseltoe (Moostache at Christmas time).

Here are some other Christmas Animal Stories I need to check out.
Humphrey's First Christmas by Carol Heyer. The illustrations look beautiful.(Plus my high school mascot was a camel named Humphrey.)  (Spoiler Alert:) It is a story of a stubborn camel who wants to find his blanket, but ends up giving it to baby Jesus in the end. Great message for your children about giving.
The Crippled Lamb, by Max Lucado.  I love reading the special messages in other Max Lucado books and this one looks amazing about a crippled sheep that feels out of place but has a special role on Christmas Eve, helping children learn that we all have a special purpose in life.


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