Pencil Vase: Teacher Thank You Gift Craft

Friday, August 19, 2011

Create this simple and beautiful pencil vase to thank your child’s teacher. Your child can help.
Teacher Appreciation Gift: Pencil Vase
I initially saw this idea on Pinterest. Check out another version on Shindig Parties To Go (made with a tin food can and filled with Oreo Apple Pops). I’m not sure who created it first and I’ve seen a few variations on how to make it or what you put inside.
My kids helped line up all the pencils, tie the ribbon and make the flower pens (keep them away from hot glue guns).
I found a bamboo cup at the dollar store that looked strong. An empty soup can would work too. I hot glued each pencil on one at a time. (I got a case of pencils at Sam’s Club because I made two vases. Depending on the size of cup/can I used 39 pencils.) Turn words facing inward and all lined up so the bottom can sit flat.  Then wrap a ribbon around it.  I filled mine with brown beans so the pens would sit inside better.
Items needed: Silk floral bunch (a variety can be found at the dollar store) green floral tape and a package of pens can also be found at the dollar store. Scissors, Hot glue gun.
How to: Move leaves up to base of flowers. Cut flowers stem about 3-4 inches long. Put a dab of hot glue on the bottom end of the pen. Stick the flower on top and start wrapping the green floral tap around to cover and stabilize the pen. Wrap half way down the pen then end with another dab of glue to keep the tape on.
I loved this view of the vase.
I spotted the vase on the teacher’s desk on the last day of school. I love that she can look at flowers that she doesn’t have to water.
pencil vase desk obseussedI also love the list of Teacher Appreciation Ideas found at Kidz.
More Teacher Gift Ideas from ObSEUSSed:
Apple Basket with apple slicer refilled throughout the school year for classroom snacks.
apple basket snack gift obseussed D
100_4970_1Tutu hanging flower basket for a dance teacher.
Silly Eagle Books featured a great Pencil Craft and book (pencil magnets).

Great Back to School / Teacher Book:
Make sure you check out Hooray for Diffendoofer Day!, a Dr. Seuss Book about School and Teachers. I've owned this book as part of my Dr. Seuss collection but I'll admit I haven't read it until this past month.  Dr. Seuss wrote the text but other authors/illustrators finished the pictures and put it together after Dr. Seuss passed away. It has a different look to it but the crazy rhymes are still fun and I love the school and teacher messages.

More Great Teacher Books: (Click on Book picture for more details)

Disclosure: Check these books out at your library, if you like them you can purchase from clicking the link and I receive a very small percentage from Amazon.
Linking Life to Literacy LO june 11Victoria Signature 11

I shared this project here: Click to see more great back to school ideas.


nicolette {momnivores dilemma} said...

Totally want to make this for Moose's teacher. She's PreK, so maybe with crayons!

Pinning you to my school daze folder at Pinterest!


Unknown said...

What a wonderful vase! I looks like it would be easy to make too.

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