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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Our favorite book by Dr. Seuss this month is  “What Was I Scared Of? ” A perfect spooky story for Halloween. Originally published as a short story in “The Sneetches” book back in 1961, this year we got to try out 2 new versions of the book.

I picked up a copy of the Glow-in-the Dark Encounter version at Sam’s Club for $7. My kids loved it! They sat by their reading lamp in their bed and would read a page then turn off their light to see the pants glow on every page. They’ve requested it several nights in a row now. I love the moral to the story: the pants are just as afraid of him, but he doesn’t know this until he confronts the pants. This is a great book to have a discussion about fear.
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 whatwasiscaredofappbuttonWhat Was I Scared Of? App Review:
We tried the Dr. Seuss app by Oceanhouse Media. What Was I Scared Of? is only 99 cents right now. I love how the kids can touch the pictures and the app tells you the words. I also love the inflection the narrator uses to keep the kids’ attention. It was a little fast paced for my 5-year-old to keep up with watching the highlighted words as it read to you but you can use the ‘Read it Yourself’ mode to go at your own pace and work on the words with your child.
Glowing Halloween Crafts:
Make your own glow-in-the-dark pants to go with this story.
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I found a small scarecrow for $1.00 at Wal-mart. It is hooked to a stick but the body is about 7 inches tall.  I grabbed a round box of 15 glow bracelets for $1.00 at Target. I used 2 glow sticks for this project.
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ADULTS ONLY: Do this in the bathroom. I double checked to make sure the glow fluid inside was not toxic, but I also tried not to touch it at all.
I had Clorox wipes handy and cracked the bracelets. Then I cut off the end of one and dripped the fluid onto the scarecrow pants.
I needed more so I cut the other end, then I got some splatter on my counter. I wiped it up quickly with the wipes. It came off easily. I ended up using 2 sticks. The glow lasted several hours so we could enjoy it with our book experience.
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If you are using Pinterest, here are a few other fun glowing crafts to try:
Try making Glow-in-the-dark play-dough. Or put glow sticks in balloons or in the bathtub or make an outdoor sign with them.
Pinterest Glow Board
Disclosure: I received a free version of the OMbook “What Was I Scared Of?” from Oceanhouse Media for review. We love all their apps we’ve tried so far. I have several others I’ve purchased. I purchased the glow-in-the-dark encounter book version at Sam’s Club. Check this book out at your library then decide if you’d like a version to keep.
Hope you have a spooky, GLOWing Halloween!
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Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

My son would love this! I will have keep my eye out for some scarecrows.

Anonymous said...

Great post. Love the Scarecrow! Cute!

Brimful Curiosities said...

I would have never thought of cutting apart a glow stick. Interesting project. I think I'll stick with glow-in-the dark paint though!

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