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Dr. Seuss Style Outfit on Polyvore

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I’ve seen so many fabulous outfits on Pinterest that were created on Polyvore’s inspiration boards. I decided to try it out myself. This is the outfit I would put together to celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday.
Polyvore Seuss Outfit
I enjoyed searching through their database of clothing and accessories. The scarf, shoes and sunglasses were the most expensive ($100’s of dollars). The bag is surprisingly only $45. You can click on individual pieces in Polyvore to find out where to get it, or try to find similar items in stores near you or online.
Here is an outfit created by Kristen-344 that I spotted on Pinterest. She didn’t make it to be Dr. Seuss style but I think it would work perfectly.
Polyvore Seuss Outfit Kristin344
There are some fancy boards on Polyvore. The set I made is very simple but I went with the idea of a making a comfy and stylish outfit for a mom or teacher to celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday. What do you think?
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