Dr. Seuss Style {What Does the Fox Say} Puppet Show

Saturday, October 19, 2013

My kids have been obsessed with the song What Does The Fox Say by Ylvis - see the original song here.
It is very bizarre but very catchy and silly enough for kids to sing along.  We realized we had most of the Dr. Seuss stuffed animals to match the words in the song so my kids created this puppet show to go with the first minute of the song.

Fox in Socks is one of my favorite read aloud books.  When you read it out loud quickly it kind of sounds like the gibberish the fox says in the song.
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If you don't believe me, watch this amazingly fast reading of Fox in Socks. 

How fast can you read the book? Have your child try to read it fast and talk about tongue twisters.
We hope you like the puppet show we and apologize if we get the song stuck in your head again.


The Colorful Apple said...

My kids love that song too! I had no idea what it meant at first, but then I found the video. Cute puppet show!

Sara :)
The Colorful Apple

Lynda said...

Love the puppet show! My 12 year old son has one question -- he wants to know if the "duck" stuffed animal is really a duck. He suspects it's the Boynton chicken from Kohls.

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