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PBS Kids New Fall Show and Free Resources Help Kids Learn

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

PEG + CAT is an adorable new show starting next Monday, October 7th on PBS Kids (check local listings for air time).  Kids will like the songs and graphics while parents will love the messages of math and healthy living throughout.
Right now you can download the premier of PEG + CAT on iTunesTV for FREE. Offer expires 10/15/13. You’ll need to search for it in your iTunes to get it free.
PBS has an entire parent and teacher resource site with crafts, snacks and activities that correlate with episodes for children’s programs.  Check out all the fun ideas they have created for PEG + CAT.
peg plus cat key pbs
A twitter chat for #PegPlusCat will take place Thursday, Oct. 3, 8:00-9 EST. Follow @pbskids to learn more about the chat and show.
At our house, PBS is the only channel approved for kid viewing. True, we have limited channels using an antennae, but I’m so thankful to have such wonderful children’s programing available for free.  I often assume PBS is the only channel everyone else watches too. I forget that there are so many screen options to watch right now with cable TV, Netflix, electronic device apps, DVDs and more.  As parents we need to monitor and carefully select the programs our kids watch to get the most entertainment and education for our limited time.
Last month, our local PBS station, KBYU, invited local bloggers to lunch at their studios to learn more about their programs and services.
I was surprised to learn that children in Utah are still not as prepared for kindergarten as they should be. Children could increase their preparedness if more families watched PBS kids programs, which are all curriculum based. Just watching can help, but if parents discuss the shows after, or do activities to extend the learning, it will help even more.
KBYU 11 wanted to make sure all parents and teachers are aware of their special resources.  Click over for activities, recipes and printables for extended learning opportunities that go along with the PBS Kids programs.
Tell your neighbors (who may not have internet access at home) to visit PBS Kids online at the library for games, printables and episodes (find some on You Tube too). They can also check out DVDs of episodes at the library.
Disclaimer: I received free lunch for myself and 4 children along with a tour of KBYU TV studios in Provo, Utah.  I have had a love of PBS for many years and was happy to learn more about their resources and upcoming new show. All opinions are 100% my own.


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