Dr. Seuss Costume Accessories Giveaway and Photo Booth Ideas

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Get ready to celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday with some fun photo prop costumes.
We got to check out some fun Dr. Seuss accessories from Pure Costumes.  They sent us the Lorax Truffula Tree Boppers headband, the Cat in the Hat headband and the Lorax Accessory Kit (includes hat, sun glasses and mustache).  We also have a set to giveaway (see how to enter below). Here are my kids photo booth style.Dr_Seuss_PhotoBooth_Props_Costumes_giveaway_obSEUSSed_2
Costume Review:
All three products are very professionally made.  They are not indestructible though, so I had to warn my kids to be soft with them so they didn’t break the first day. 
The Cat in the Hat, tiny hat, was squished when it arrived.  I tried to fluff it but it wouldn’t budge.  I finally grabbed an empty toilet paper roll and cut about 1 inch off the end then used the remaining part of the tube to stuff in the tiny hat and it fit perfectly and helped it keep its form.
As with all photo booth props, you probably want a grown-up monitoring the use of props or kids will get out of hand with them. The mustache is held on with a plastic thread that hooks around your head. It may not be great to have multi-users with this one if kids lick it or stretch the cords. 
Over all, I’m excited to use these photo booth props at our upcoming school Dr. Seuss carnival next month.
Pure Costumes offered an extra set of these Dr. Seuss costume photo props to give away to one of my readers.
GIVEAWAY RULES:  This contest is open to U.S. residents with a U.S. postal address. Must be age 18 or older to enter.  Pure Costumes is responsible for the prize package and will ship it to the winner. Contest ends Wednesday, Feb. 25 at midnight CST.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Pure Costumes has also offered a discount code for any of my readers.  Use code: OBSEUSSED to receive 10% off your subtotal. It cannot be combined with other coupon codes and it expires 10/31/15. Take a look at all their fun costumes, perfect for celebrating Read Across America and Dr. Seuss’ birthday.
cat in the hat costume pure costumes
Disclosure: I received the 3 Dr. Seuss accessories to review for the purposes of this post.  All opinions are 100% my own.

Pure Costumes also has a fun free Dr. Seuss Printable.

They also have a simple Dr. Seuss Pinterest Contest happening. See more details on their site.

Dr. Seuss Photo Booth:
I created a Dr. Seuss photo booth corner at our school Dr. Seuss carnival.
I used fabric (from Wal-mart) for the background and to cover the bench.
I’ve been collecting a variety of items and creating my own as props over the years.
At the carnival we had a station to make your own photo booth props.  My son made this headband and attached a Lorax mustache with popsicle sticks.Dr_Seuss_Lorax_Photo_Booth_props_obSEUSSed
Another way to make a Lorax mustache is to get a yellow feather boa (can be found at craft stores).  I cut it into strips (it gets messy). Then I hot glued two craft sticks (popsicle sticks) together at an angle. Then I glued the feathers on.
make_Lorax_Mustache_obSEUSSedmake_Lorax_Mustache_obSEUSSed_2make_Lorax_Mustache_obSEUSSed_3Seuss Lorax family
I found this blank wooden had prop at Michael’s Crafts Store. My son helped paint red and white stripes on it. Then we drew black sharpie marker on the lines and added extra lines to help it look like the illustrated hat from The Cat in the Hat book.
For the Truffula Tree we found a craft feather boa at Joann’s Crafts and cut a circle from a strong poster board. I hot glued the feather boa into a circle to cover the poster board.  We found a piece of scrap wood in our garage and painted it yellow and again added the black lines with a sharpie marker to add illustration details.
I cut out a white piece of felt and used a black sharpie marker to write THING 1. Then I used a safety pin to attach it to my son’s red shirt.  The turquoise hair is actually an old pillow cover that got ruined so I kept part of the fabric to use as hair.
I found similar fabric on Amazon (search faux fur turquoise) you could make a bunch of little wigs or cut into strips to glue to headbands.
Pure Costumes has Thing 1 Thing 2 wigs and headbands too. I really want some of the headbands for our photo booth but they are out of stock right now.  Keep checking because these will be perfect for dressing up.
Thing 1_Thing_2_Dr_Seuss_Costumes
I got the READ banner from Oriental Trading and the tall Cat in the Hat display from a bulletin board set. (Amazon affiliate link.)
I made the Truffula Trees using a pool noodle (again drawing black lines with a sharpie marker), a plunger from the dollar store and a spiky poof ball made out of purple and green tissue paper.  You could make so many different colors.
We were lucky to have our local PBS station, KBYU, bring their Cat in the Hat character to our Dr. Seuss carnival.  This year I plan to set the photo booth props right next to his station so kids can dress up and take photos with the cat.
Costumes are a great way to celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday and Read Across America day. Don’t forget to enter the giveaway above.


JVH said...

Thing One and Two Stuff!

kellyr78 said...

I also like the Disney Princess Ariel Classic Child Costume for my daughter.

Unknown said...

I have the Cat in the Hat outfit. Going with Thing 1 and 2 (although Horton was a cute one)!

emeralds said...

Neat ideas and would be perfect for our Seuss themed school dance where we are planning on having a photo booth!

PureCostumes.com said...

Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway and for featuring us! You have such a wonderful site and it's such an honor to work with you!

Sarah Oswald said...

I like the Naughty and Nice angel devil Costume the best.
Sarah Oswald

Anonymous said...

The dinosaur dog costume made me laugh out loud!

AM~Erica said...

The first thing you should know
is that I love keeping Dr. Seuss in tow:
In most everything I do,
I might break out some rhyme for you.
If you are blue
and lost your shoe
I'll rhyme for you!
That's what I'll do!

It's great you use the word "obSEUSSed"
to show how much you love things Seuss'd!
Oh! My Goodness!
I think it's great!
This way you celebrate
is something I appreciate!

So, for a bit of boost ~
I think I am also "obSEUSSed"!

Megan said...

I love the Lorax but also Thing 1 and 2. How much fun would it be to have blue crazy hair for the day!
Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

Anonymous said...

The fuzzy lorax mustaches are brilliant! - Chelsea

Unknown said...

Love the toddler gnome costume at pure costumes!

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