Poodle Skirt Tutorial for 18 inch doll

Saturday, May 14, 2011

How to make a no-sew poodle skirt for your 18 inch doll.

I made dress-up poodle skirts for my daughter's 7th birthday party. I had to make a matching one for her American Girl doll. These are so simple, your daughter can help you make one.

Materials Needed:
For Skirt:
16 inch x 16 inch square piece of colored felt. (Popular 50's colors, pink, baby blue, purple, red or black)
1 package Iron-On Velcro
Measure tape
Fabric scissors and cutting mat

For Poodle:
Hot glue gun
6 inch x 6 inch square of white felt (could use black)
small pom pom for tail (matching color)
Sharpie marker (black to draw eyes and nose)
7 inches of sequin ribbon for leash and collar 
Start by folding the 16x16 square into an 8x8 square.

From open corner to open corner, cut a curved diagonal line across the middle of the fabric.

The curved edge becomes the bottom edge of the skirt.

Now mark 3 inches from the folded corner on both folded sides. Cut a curved diagonal line from each mark.

Now you should have a circle with a hole in the center for the waist.

Pick any area and cut a line from the outer edge all the way to the center circle.

FREE PRINTABLE: Poodle Outline
Copy and paste this image into 'Microsoft Word' or another program. You can adjust the size. You'll want it about 3 inches tall.
Print the template and cut out the poodle on your paper.
Place on white felt, trace around the edge.
Now cut out the felt poodle.

Hot glue the sequin ribbon behind the neck to hold it in place.
Hot glue the poodle onto the skirt (lay it out first and wrap around the doll to see where you want it to lay).
Then glue the pom pom on the tail. 
Next, glue the ribbon across the poodle's neck then glue it up to the waist of the skirt and tuck onto back side of skirt.

Open velcro, cut 2 pieces of the loop/pokey style (not the soft matching velcro), 2 inches long.

Next, layout your velcro, one on outside top corner edge of skirt, one on inside top corner edge. You want the pokey part of the velcro so it will stick to the skirt once you wrap it.  Now iron both pieces on as directed by the velcro package.

Wrap it around your doll and the velcro will stick to the skirt as needed.
You can cut the length of the circle shorter if you don't want as much excess wrap. If so, cut it first then add the velcro on the ends.

Make sure leash is tucked into waist.  Now find a cute shirt to match and tie some pink tool in her hair for a bow and your set for the Sock Hop!

Make matching poodle skirts. See tutorial for girl size skirt here.

Linking to more great projects at Tip Junkie.


Kath said...

what a fun blog and what a cute poodle skirt! I'm a fan.

new follower!

Anonymous said...

lovely, tks for sharing, now I am yr new follower. come and visit any time. www.burundanguitas.blogspot.com
rgds, dalyse

Unknown said...

omg this is so adorable. I'm a new follower! I'll have to make this for my daughter ^_^


Asmita said...

What a fantastic idea! Simply love it!

Unknown said...

Made this today for my granddaughter's '50s dress day at her school. Materials = $21. This was so easy & I even added a waistband! Thk you so much for these easy to follow instructions!!! :-)

JustJan said...

thank you! of all the pinterest links, yours was one of the few that had directions.
I used this to make a circle skirt! when I work out the details, ( I didn't initially add for the hem and so on) I will blog and send you a link AND give credit for the directions you provided!

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