Dr. Seuss Bookmark Kid Craft

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Kids can help make this simple Dr. Seuss bookmark. They are designed to look like Truffula trees from the Lorax book.

Steps and Supplies:

  1. All you need is some 3/4 inch white elastic. Cut a strip about 15 inches, stitch it or tie it together.
  2. Then use a yellow colored marker to make the trunk color. Then use a black permanent marker to make the zig zag marks. (I used an elastic that had a pre-printed design. I picked this set up from Pick Your Plum daily deals.)

3.  Then use craft glue or hot glue the Pom Pom onto the elastic. You could also use a small thread and needle to secure the pom pom to the elastic.

Use it to mark your place in a book.

I also found the Cat in the Hat printed elastic on Etsy.  It was only $3.75 for 5 yards.  If you cut lengths of 15 inches to make a bookmark, you can make 10 bookmarks.


You can buy elastic in a local craft store or search for it online. Search for printed or decorative elastic.
I got the zig zag ones from Pick Your Plum
I also found fun elastic headbands at our dollar store that are the perfect size for bookmarks.  Look how beautiful this flower one looks.

You can also get pre-printed Dr. Seuss elastic bookmarks from Geddes gifts online (not sponsored). They sent me a couple to try out but they are a little small.  They would make cute hair bands.  I wish I could find these patterned elastics to make my own larger bands into bookmarks.

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Shambray said...

What a cute idea! I'm so glad we met last night and I found your blog! I will be stopping by often!

Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

My son would love these. He has been really into Dr Seuss lately!

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